Nigerian Lady Loses her job opportunity because of her phone call manner


She was sufficiently fortunate to be picked among the couple of occupation searchers that were enrolled from the enormous horde of graduates that were met for the jobs.Sorry to say this to you,she will not be resuming.Why, how about we discover. 

She lost the Job opportunity at last due to a telephone call.She got the call this early morning around 10:00 am perhaps,the call was really from the workplace of the HR division of the business bank. 

She didn't say "Greetings" or "hi" in any case yet what she did when she picked the call initially was to ask "who" is this?" before she could get an answer she posed another inquiry "how could you get my telephone number?" 

The HR official asked her "Please am I addressing Miss so,so thus?." 

She thought the inquiry was not important,so she quickly gave him her last reaction which was "please on the off chance that you don't have any significant comment or you can't present yourself promptly would you if it's not too much trouble, absurdly escape my telephone now!".That was what she said prior to finishing the call. 

She later got a recorded input from the HR official around 12 early afternoon today, which she tuned in to the conversation.You should realize that those sort of calls are recorded for reference purposes. 

She lost the Job since she felt that all abnormal male guests are female chasers,she lost the Job as a result of absence of call manners;this ought to be an exercise to all don't be impolite to individuals either through calls, actual spots and so forth since you don't have a clue who may help you tomorrow. 

Be wise,be amicable to everybody

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