The devil in me Chapter 1 The beginning

There was a boy called Micheal, Micheal was a very honest boy, he was loved by many people in his area, he was brilliant and hardworking too, all his teacher loved him, when he got to basic 6 and was about to sit for his common entrance examination his parent died, that's where his suffering begin, he became an orphan.

He was an honest, hardworking and brilliant boy but yet no one was ready to take him in as there son, he started living with his uncle who was living alone because people believe he his out of his mind just because he believed in making research and doing some experiment. One day Micheal was the only one in the house, he was bored so he decided to check all the whole room in the house, then he got to a room and discover that it was the room his uncle perform all his experiment, he decided to check it out before his uncle comes back.

 As he was walking around the room something caught his attention,”wow!!! this looks so amazing!!” he said in his mind, he moved closer to it then decided to know what it was. It was a liquid substance in a bottle, shining like gold,immediately he opened the bottle the substance vanished without a trace, he searched everywhere for it but could not find or see any traces of where it was so he closed the bottle and quickly return back to his room and pretended like nothing happened.

 His uncle came back and went straight to his lab, he noticed that something was missing then he searched and discover that it was the liquid in the bottle. He went straight to Micheal room and woke him up, “are you the one that open the bottle in my lab?!!” he said with angry face looking into Micheal eye directly,”y…e……s……I…..was…..the one am very sorry” he said with a pity sad face. His uncle took him to the lab and ran some test on him to see if he his fine, all test went well but his uncle was still concern about it.

One day on his way to school he met some boys in his school who usually bully him, they love bulling him because he was weak and small.”hey Micheal what is inside your bag,what do you have for us in it?” I don’t have anything for you its only my lunch in it, you fool!!! you don’t have anything for us or what did you just said, yes I don’t have anything for you please leave me alone. A boy beside him gave him a punch in his stomach, “och!! oh!! my stomach” Micheal was on the ground crying in pain, the boys picked up his bag and took his lunch then was left.

 Micheal was crying in pain, he felt something rolling in his stomach, before he could try to stand up, he found himself in the hospital, he was surprised,”where am I?”you are in the hospital someone brought you here,your uncle is on his way” an unknown voice replied.

 The door was opened, hey buddy what happened to you on your way to school? His uncle asked “I…….suddenly feel some pain in my stomach then I found my self here, can we go home now?” yes the doctor said you are fine that we can go home. They packed and went home,when they got home, his uncle took him to his lab straight and ran some test, the first,second and third went well but the last was not clear, his uncle began to have some strange feeling that something is wrong, then he started monitoring him and was feeling guilty.”if anything happens to Micheal I will feel guilty all my life” he said in his mind, then he decided to make the same liquid and use it on himself then started working on a cure in-case if something goes wrong.

On Monday morning, Micheal went to school feeling happy and strong as if he just went to the gym. He entered the class and was ready for the lesson of the day but something was telling him that something is wrong, he decided to be watch full, as the lesson for the day started,a voice was speaking in him too, he was confused, “whats happening here” nothing is happening am the second you” immediately Micheal heard this, he jumped up and started looking under his table for what was talking,”who is that?” am you, you are me,we are one”, everyone including the teacher started looking at Micheal, they were very surprised, then the teacher moved closer to Micheal “what happened, who are you talking to?” as the teacher was asking this question, the sky went dark, everywhere was dark,it look like trouble, “oh! The alpha’s are here,tell everyone to run!!!” the second Micheal said, “alpha’s!! who are they????

They are from another planet and are very powerful,your world needs help now” a loud noise started, the sound was so loud no one could bare it, people cried in pain but nothing happened to Micheal, how is that possible!!!……..

To be continue………………………….

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