The devil in me chapter 2


Chapter 2


The second “YOU”


They are from another planet and are very powerful,your world needs help now” a loud noise started, the sound was so loud no one could bare it, people cried in pain but nothing happened to Micheal, Micheal was curious, he started looking for the answer to the question, “nothing happened to me how is it possible”?.


Name: Micheal

Level: Sparta

Ability: Resistance, strength, vision

Special ability: water

Exp: 0/100


“that's your information, that's the second you, you are now a special being,your level and ability will change when your Exp is 100%.

Micheal was speechless he don’t know what to say, he was excited and surprised, all he wants to know now is to try is ability.


 The alpha’s started to appear from no where and kidnapping the students. Micheal was afraid because they don’t know who will be the next to vanish with the alpha’s, the students and the teacher hid themself in a class room praying in their mind waiting for the savior.”Micheal!! save the people you can still save them from this situation”the second Micheal said”, hey how did I want to save them in this situation, I don’t even know how to activate my power…….

”power activated, you can now manipulate water by imagining water on your hands and using your mind to direct it to any direction and changing its shape” the second Micheal said.

“wow!! this is gonna be fun but am scared”

“don’t be afraid am here for you, you can ask me to take control if you don’t know how to use it,then you will learn through that”.

“huh that sound amazing”


[by Smart]


“take over!!” 


“invalid command”




“the second me take over”


“Access granted, now watch”


 The second Micheal stood up and went out the room,




Immediately he saw the Alpha’s walking in the rooms, no one can see them but he was able to see them with the help of the vision ability,


“wow that's amazing” the real Micheal said.


Its show time


Micheal entered the room one after the other and defeated them one by one but the last one was strong, when he was about to attack him with the water ability but he quickly noticed that Micheal can see him, he quickly blocked it and moved like flash to Micheal back, he punched Micheal at the back,

[by Smart]


“och!! that hurt” the real Micheal said


Micheal quickly turn and used his water ability to cover himself, then he turn some to ice and make it sharp then he threw it at the Alpha, he managed to escape the first and second attack but the last one hit him, he groaned in pain and vanished.


 The weather was becoming clear now, the sun begin to rise again, the alpha’s spaceship vanished, then everything went back to normal.


“mission accomplish”


“strongest opponent defeated, 50 Exp received”


“defeat one more opponent and move to titan1 level”


This voice was heard in his mind, then the real Micheal took over back. A boy saw him when he was fighting with the alpha, he quickly approach Micheal,


“hi Micheal how did you do that?

“ its was amazing, thanks to you we are saved”

“by the way my name is peter, can you teach me how to do that?.


Peter was a person like Micheal uncle, he love making research and believe in supernatural power, always wanting to know more about something.


 Micheal was speechless he did not know what to say, all he can think of his”what will I say”?

“that's in your hand, you can decide to make it a secret or let everyone know about you and get yourself in trouble” the second Micheal replied immediately Micheal thought of it.


[by Smart]


“i don’t know what you are saying” Micheal replied peter.

“don’t pretend, I saw everything that happened, you manipulated water right in front of me.

“no am not the one” Micheal said and walked away.

Micheal packed his books and left the school,peter was following Micheal on his way home but Micheal did not notice. When Micheal got home he went straight to his uncle room to look for him but could not find him there, he went straight to his lab but he was not there, when Micheal was going back to his room he saw some broken bottle on the floor, Immediately a thought came to his mind, he shouted

“the alpha!!!!!


To be continue…………


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