The Devil in me Chapter 3


The alpha’s


when Micheal was going back to his room he saw some broken bottle on the floor, Immediately a thought came to his mind, he shouted

“the alpha!!!!!.


“The alpha’s as kidnapped my uncle, how will I get him back now”,

Micheal cried. Peter who was following Micheal everything, he came out of his hiding place and sat beside him,

 “how did you got hear, you followed me”

“yes I have been following, how can I be of help, I promise to keep your secret” peter said.

“my uncle as been kidnapped by the alpha’s, I don’t know what to do how where I can find them” Micheal said with tears in his eyes.

“lets check his lab maybe we can find some way” peter said as he started moving towards the lab.

They got to the lab and started searching for any thing that can help them. For more than 2hours they searched but found nothing, they are about to stop search but unfortunately something in a black bottle caught their attention, they moved close to it then peter took it up and opened it. As soon as he opened it, the gas inside burst out and spread in the air, it entered into peter nose, he fainted immediately but Micheal was not affected. He quickly picked peter body up and took him to the hospital. Peter woke up the next day and found himself in the hospital.

“how did I get here” he asked one of the nurse.

“someone named Micheal brought you here” said the nurse.

“what happened to me”.

“he said you fainted but you are fine now”.

“the door opened and closed” Micheal entered.

“hey peter how are you now”.

“am fine,what really happened to me, I cant remember”.

“i will tell you all when we get home”.

When they got home(peters house) Micheal explained all and peter remembered what happened.

“we have to look for your uncle before anything happens to him maybe he can find a solution to the problem now”.

“ Oh! Where do we want to go, nowhere to find him” Micheal said.

“Micheal can you tell me more about your power and how you got them?.

[by smart]

“ I don’t even know how I got my power and how to use, all I know is that I fainted and woke up in the hospital then the next day in in school I started hearing some strange voice”.

“ lets try out some new thing, lets figure out how to use them” peter said.


“ the second Micheal”!!!


“ how can I help you Micheal…”.


“ can you teach me how to use my powers”


“ yes of course”


“Follow the below steps to manipulate water”


“Step 1


Clear your mind and focus on water only.


“Step 2


Imagine water flowing on your palm.


“Step 3


Think of the way you want it to be.


“Step 4


Think of where to direct it and direct it to the location with your mind.


Micheal was a little bit confused but with the help from peter he was able to successfully practice and use it.

Now Micheal can manipulate water but still cant use the flash speed.

Peter was a scientist in their school, he love making research. Everything in Micheal uncle lab was not new to him.

Peter and Micheal worked together in the lab for a week but found nothing.

At last peter found an instrument for time travel.

At first they were unable to use it but later figured out how to use it.

“Now its time lets try this out, before we can make use of it we have to think of a destination, it must be the same destination so we don’t miss each other” peter said.

“Where are we going now” asked Micheal.

“we don’t know anywhere outside the world, I think we should go and find out more about the outside world in the school before doing this”.

“ that's a good idea but we are not allowed to go into the school until further notice” said Micheal.

“ um… we can sneak in without anyone noticing”.

[by smart]

“What if someone catch us”.

“No one will only if you want it”.

“ OK lets go” Micheal said and followed peter.

When they got to the school, they saw military guiding the school. Micheal was afraid and was about to run back but Peter drag him back and hold him tight then pass through a tiny part and entered the school lab.

“What if those military catch us, we are going to be in a big trouble” Micheal said.

“ They cant, if they do, we will run as fast as we can” peter said.

They made their research and discovered many outside world the can travel to.

Peter took the map and they were about to go.

As they were about to go, the sky became red and started raining.

“they Alpha’s, be careful or run if you cant handle them” the second Micheal said to Micheal.

“Peter its the Alpha’s lets run before they gets here”.

“The Alpha’s?…why running? Lets wait and try to capture one of them to be able to know your uncle where about”.

“Peter!! are you out of your mind, this people are powerful we cant lure them or defeat them”.

“Yes I cant defeat them but we have someone that can do that”

“Who is that”

“You Micheal, only you can do that now, think of it or we are not going to have the opportunity again”.


“OK lets look for a way out, I will have to count on you peter, you will have to look for a way to create a trap in-case I cant defeat them”.

“OK you can count on me for that”.

Peter hid in the lab but Micheal went out of the lab and looked for a way to capture one of the Alpha’s.

When he was searching he saw something that surprised him…

[by smart]





 The alpha’s was with his uncle, it was as if they had know Micheal is going to be there that day.

They were four of the alpha’s holding his uncle, all Micheal could think of his how to get his uncle back.

Peter who was hiding on the lab heard Micheal voice and went out to know what was going on.

“Who is that? Oh!! that's Micheal uncle.

Immediately the Alpha’s noticed Peter presence, one of them disappeared and appeared with Peter mom by his side.

“Mom!!!!!” Peter shouted with anger.

Peter face was red, his eye were becoming black, a black figure was foaming at his back.

“Peter whats happening to you”.

“Peter could not hear anything than his heart saying, Kill them all”….

Peter lifted his hand and release his fist. A black lighting went out and………..


What next………

Watch out for the next episode…


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