The Great hunter part 1/2


story title: the great Hunter

actor: Obi

by patrick Daniel(mightydohn)

       once upon a time there lived a great hunter called Obi in Spring bound. 

 Obi was a great hunter, everyone in the village respected him because he was not only a great hunter but was also an handsome,loving and caring hunter,

he was loved by many people in spring bond village because of this but the problem is, the king only heard of his name but dont know how capable he is.

      One day Obi went to the forest as usual to hunt, he went deep and deep into the forest but found no animal to kill, he was surprised and started heading back home, on his way home he saw a woman carrying bunch of firewood, he decided to help the woman,he went to the woman and help the woman.

  after getting to the woman house the woman thanked him and offer him some things but he refused to accept anything from the woman as collateral, the woman looked at him and said "u are a hunter", he replied "yes mama",

woman: are you heading back home?

Obi: yes ma

woman: but you are not carrying any bush meat.

obi: yes ma, i tried so hard today but i was unable to see any.

woman: do you have a wife ?

obi : no ma.

woman: you are not able to get anything today because today is a very special day,only if you are married.

the woman continue "my son because you have help me today, i will always be available for you when you need help, just call out for help, "thanks ma i will always remember that " said Obi.


     One day the king daughter went to the forest with her maid to get some fruit, suddenly a beast appeared from nowhere and kidnapped the princess, the maids rushed back to the palace to report what as happened, the king was so unhappy after getting the bad news, he ordered his guards to search for the princess and bring her home,

the king guards searched everywhere but could not find the princess or the monster traces.

    Days went by but the princess was yet to be found, the king was not okay and was very sad, he called his priest and asked for a solution, the priest said the monster went deep into the forest where no eye can see and he can only see few.

The king called for many great hunters in different kingdom, to search for the princess and if they can bring the princess back home he will reward them with a land in his kingdom and they will have the right to ask for the princess and in marriage.

   Different hunters from different village came, some came with greed and some with the a good heart.

This news as spread to many kingdom but Obi was not aware of it Because he was not feeling well and have been in his house for more than three days taking care of himself.

   Here are the hunter names who are ready to go for the hunt, " Timi, Bakou, Jona, Lima and Tela", the king gave them all they need to complete the task and wished them good luck.

  They went into the forest, the forest was so dark and quiet, Timi was a very brave hunter,he never think twice before making a decision, Bakou was brave too but he always watch every steps he takes,Jona was a rude and brave hunter,he believed no one is better than him,lima is a gentle and hansome hunter who always believe no woman will dissapoint him and tela was humble,brave and loyal,he always want to know more by acting dump.

  On their way, they got to a certain place and saw many people, those people are putting on black overall,they look so suspicious,jona went straight to a man and asked him if he as seen a monster or heard of any monster in the Village or another village,the man said no and continue his activity.

Jona went back to his follow hunters and told them about it, they decided to move on, on their way they got to another Village, in this village no one is permitted to talk only if their gods permitted him or her.

  The hunters were surprised to see people not talking to each other, they are all acting dump, jona decided to ask the people whats wrong with them, immediately jona said a word, he began to feel something strange under his, he was unable to breath, gradually he was becoming a stone........................................

what next!!!!!!!!!!!!

part 2 loading

part 2

jona decided to ask the people whats wrong with them, immediately jona said a word, he began to feel something strange under his feet, he was unable to breath, gradually he was becoming a stone, his fellow hunter were very surprised, seeing this they flew from the village and forget about jona.

In the process, they missing each other, finally their terror ended and they notice that they have missed each other.

Timi who was a brave hunter that makes decisions without thinking twice, got to a destination and he decided to rest a little, while resting he slept off,same thing happens to bakou,lima and tela, they were in the same forest but different path. by the time Timi woke up it was dark and raining, he then continue his search without even knowing where to go or where he is, he got to a strange place, this place was very strange but as a brave hunter he decided to know whats wrong there, as he was walking slowly..... suddenly a wolf jumped out from nowhere and attacked him,it was a surprise attack that makes him misplace his gun and cutlass, the wolf attacked him with its sharp teeth,timi defended himself with a broken stick on the ground, after struggling for a minute, he saw his gun laying beside him,he took the gun immediately and shot the wolf but the wolf disappeared instead of dying in pain.

Timi stood up and looked around to know if its still around or not, after looking around for a while, he discover there was a cave there, he decided to check it out, so he entered the cave, .........he was speechless, to his greatest surprise he saw treasures he was very happy about the treasure and started packing as many as he can carry, he forgot about the king and the princess and went back to his hometown and started a new life with his family. hmm............

In that forest 5 minute is a day in the real world, after the 5 minute bakou woke up and continued his search too and got to the cave,he saw a shining light at his front and decided to check it out, he rushed there, he was about to get there a wolf jumped out from nowhere and attacked him, he was brave and always watching every step, he quickly doge the attack and brought out his gun aim at the wolf ready to shoot but the wolf disappeared bakou quickly looked around to know if it still there but he found no trace he was about to continue,the wolf jumped out again and attacked him, this time he lost his balance and fell down,the wolf grabbed his leg and was about to ripp it off , lucky Bakou got rescued by his fellow hunter who woke up and got there at the same time.

Bakou was grateful to them, he told them about what he saw, they quickly went directly to the cave and lo.... it was full of treasures, without thinking twice they all began to pack those treasures until they got tired of it, after packing,tela said to said what if the owner of the treasure is the wolf?, they burst into laughter and said "we shot the wolf and we are very sure he cant survive it",they head back to their home town and forgot about the mission.

What a pity its now one month,no one heard about the hunters and the princess whats going to happen now.

The was with the monster, the monster was preparing to marry the princess in their kingdom in two weeks, if the princess and the monster get married, the princess will become a monster too.......... what next!!!!!!!!!

part 3 loading with Outstanding genic ii, Tolu wa mi and Boluwatife adetoba......

its ya boy mightydohn, wait who is a boy.........Stay safe!!!!!

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