The great hunter part 3



The hunters forgot about the princess and the mission and went back home with the treasure they now posses.

Everyone was worried and expecting the princess but no traces of the princess and the hunters. Obi who was not concern about the princess before was now worried.

The second day Obi prepared himself and embark on the journey to rescue the princess. No one knows about Obi embarking on the journey. Obi embark on the mission without informing anyone. He got to a forest called “the land of tears”.

In this forest no one must cry, if anyone cry he/she will cry forever.

This was not new to Obi because he knows everything about the forest.

He passed through the forest but where was he going?.

He has no idea where to find the princess so he decided to use his charm to know what next. He brought out the charm and cast them accordingly, after casting them, he was able to know where to go.

The voice said to him to continue “go straight then then will get to a village, in that you must not say a word until you get out of the village, then continue going to where your heart direct you, before night falls you will get to three forest. The first one is the forest of truth, the second is the forest of lies and the third is the forest of all Evil. In this forest of all evil you have to be very careful, because its knows your mind and will try to trick you with what you want” this was what the voice told him.

Obi continued his journey and finally he got to the village where he must not say a word. When he was passing through this village, he was very tired then he decided to rest beside a statue. As he was resting, a thought came to his mind “what if you are told to pour water on this statue will you do it?.

“uh yes I will do it as long it will not have any effect on me” said Obi in his mind.

Then he poured water on the statue.

“what am I even doing…..

Obi thought and continue his journey finally he got to the forest of truth.

In this forest in found out everything that happened to the hunters and what the princess is facing. After seeing what the princess is face he continued his journey without looking back. He got to the forest of lies and saw the opposite of everything he saw in the forest of truth. He was almost confused before remembering the he was in the forest of lies. He ignored all and continued his journey. Finally he got to the forest of all Evil. This forest was so silent and at the same time was lively. surprisingly he saw the princess in the forest.

“Obi please help me the monster his coming, he wants me to marry him, if I marry him I will become a monster too, please lets run back to my village now before he wakes up. Obi took her hand and started running backward but he suddenly stoped and looked at the princess.

“ How did you know my name?

The fake princess already noticed that Obi as know the truth then She disappeared. Obi continued his journey again and finally he made it out of the forest. Immediately he got out of the forest a wild beast attacked him and was almost about to kill Obi because it was unexpected. No weapon with Obi. The beast jumped at obi but on getting to Obi body the beast was silent. Obi already accepted his faith but could not hear anything or feel any pain.

Obi looked up and saw someone standing beside him, he looked at the beast and it was dead.

"Hey who are you? Obi asked the person.

"Am the one who shot the beast".

"I mean what's your name?.

"My name..., I can't remember my name.

All I can remember is that you helped me.

"How did I helped you?.

"You poured water on me, and I came back to live, you are my master from now on".

"M...e how come you are the statue?.

"Let's forget that and continue your mission" said the man.


Obi and the man continued the mission, and finally they got to the monster palace.

The palace was fully guided, there are different types of traps in the palace.

There was a loud sound in the palace.

"What's going on there" Obviously said.

"The monsters must be having a party or celebrating" the other man said.

"Ohh no !!! The princess, we have to look for a way to save her before they get married".

"What princess" the other man asked.

Obi explained all and then they came up with a plan. The other man tricked the monster palace guards to the area where there was a lot of traps so they will not have a choice then to disable it. The plan worked perfectly and Obviously was able to enter the palace in disguise.

All the monster are set for the wedding, the princess and the monster was standing at the middle of all the monster, the one that will join them together is standing there too.

Then they started the ceremony, the princess hope was lost.

"No one can save me now" the princess said in her mind while crying.

"What happened to our bribe" one of the monster said.

"Hahaha.. Our bribe is too happy today" said another.

The ceremony continues.

"Now let's join the groom and bride together".

The sound of a broken glass was heard at the back.

"Who did that, who is here to stop out ceremony, guards!! Capture that person now!!!. One guards who found. "What's happening, where is the guards".

Then the guy following Obi appeared at the front with one of the monster head. The other monster was very angry. They ran after him, but he ran as fast as he could. Now there's only the bride,monster and the one that will join the couple.

The princess regaining her hope when she was the person standing with the monster head but unfortunately he ran away, she was sad again. Then she heard a sound of a broken glass.

She locked back and saw the one standing and the one falling.

The one standing was a hunter in a monster disguise, the one falling was the groom.

"Let's run now before its too late" Obviously said.

Obi took the princess and ran as fast as they could until they escaped the monster palace.

Now everywhere in the monster palace is in chaos, they are all looking for the man that killed the monster and the one that escaped with the bride.

They mount on their beast and went into the woods to look for the bride.

Now Obi and the princess was waiting for the second man in the woods. They heard some noise coming from the woods. They quickly hid themselves well. Its almost an hour no traces of him.

Then they decide to continue there journey back to the kingdom. The moment they came out of their hidden place, they were caught by the monsters. They were surrounded by the monsters.

Obi dropped his weapon and was about to surrender.. When he was about to surrender, he heard a gunshot, one of the monster fell, another, two of the monsters are dead.

"Who are you, come out if you are brave enough" one of the monster said.

Then another gun shot, the monster that said that was lying dead too.

Immediately the remaining monster fleed and never looked back.

Now the killer came out.

"Ohh it's you, where have you been, we have been waiting for you" Obviously said.

"I was here but by the time I came here you are already surrounded by  the monsters.

They head back now to the kingdom but they will have to pass the forest of all evil, the forest of lies and the forest of truth again.

When they got to the forest of all evil, everywhere was dark it was not like the other time, it seems it was preparing for their return.

They continue walking in fear, when they got to the middle of the forest, everything changed, now they can see their village at the front.

"Wow that's our village let's be quick my father will have been waiting for me" the princess said with happy face.

"No princess that's not out village" Obviously said.

"Hey who are you, where are we going to if that's not out village". The princess said with anger".

" I am Obi from your village".

" are you sure that's not our village".

" yes that's not, it may look like our village but its the work of this forest, it is trying to trap us here.

"Let's head there" the second hunter said.

They continued their journey and was very tired. "It looks like this is not the forest I passed through when I was going to the monster palace" Obi said.

"Wait I lets pass hear".

They continue and finally they was the way out and was about to get out of the forest, "hey am very tired let's rest somewhere before we continue, at least we already get to the end of this forest.

"No let's move anything can happen" the second hunter said.

" nothing will happen let's rest" the princess replied.

"Hey let's rest in the house"the princess said pointing at a house in the bush.

"No that house looked somehow, let's stay outside here" Obi said.

" am the princess how will I stay outside, u can stay outside....

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Obi has no choice but to agree.

The princess went into the house and slept. Its already more than 6 hours the princess is still inside.

"What's she still doing, let me check on her"Obi said.

When obi got to the house, he peeped through the window and saw the princess sleeping, Obi was sure she was sleeping because she was breathing fast and obi can see her chest moving.

He went back and told the second hunter.

Now its another day, Obviously woke up and went to check the princess again, but the princess was still sleeping.

Obi quickly ran back to the second hunter and told him what had happened.

"Ohh no that must be a spell, the house is coursed, even we can't enter, if we enter we won't be able to come out again" said the second hunter.

Obi decided to consult his charm. He consulted his charm but no response.

Obi tried so many times but nothing.

"What's happening, I can't find solution to this situation" Obi cried out".

Suddenly the two went into a sleep and started dreaming.

In their dream they found the princess. The princess was tied by a strange person.

They both plead with the stranger to release the princess, but the stranger refused and keep saying," why did she came into my house and disturbed me, now I need her to be with me forever".

They begged the stranger but the stranger refused.

Finally the stranger said, "OK I will release her but on one condition"

"One of you will stay here with me forever".

Immediately the two woke up.

They started arguing on who will stay, Obi said he will, the second hunter said he will but finally Obi was able to confused him, he agreed and immediately the princess walked out of the house.

They were surprised, "is the stranger not taking one of us again? The second hunter said.

"Maybe he as forgiven us for trespassing.

Let's quickly move out of here.

They took the princess and started running. The princess was surprised, she was wondering about what was going on.

But finally they passed the remaining two forest without any obstacle.

Finally they got to their kingdom but when they are about to cross the river leading to their kingdom, the witch stranger that tied the princess in the house appeared and said " now one of you will have to follow me back as you promised or I will take back the princess".

The princess was shocked. She started  crying "please don't take me, my father is waiting for me".

Obi looked at the princess and said to the witch, "take me with you".

Before they could say anything again, the witch and obi disappeared.

The princess started crying but no one could help them in that situation.

The second hunter took the princess and continued to proceed to the palace.

The king was ill he was about to die, but suddenly he heard some noise outside.

"The princess is back" everyone shouted.

On hearing this the king jumped up from his sickness and went out, to his greatest surprise he saw the princess.

The king was so happy, the princess ran towards the king and hugged him for a very long time.

The king announced a celebration for the princess return and ordered his guards to take care of the hunter.

The princess narrated the story to the king and told him how Obi saved him. The king was sad to hear the sad story but promised the princess that he will consult his priest to know how Obi can be saved.

They started the celebration, everyone was happy but the princess and the second hunter was sad because Obi was not there.

"Hey what's wrong with you, why are you sad" a voice asked the second hunter.

But he did not reply.

"Is it because of your friend Obi" he voice said again".

Now he was shocked to hear that, he quickly looked up and saw that it was Obi. "Obi!!!!" He shouted with joy.

The princess heard this and looked at the direction. She was obi. Immediately she saw obi, she jumped up from where she was seating, ran up to Obi and gave him a big kiss.

Everyone was watching the scene like a romantic movie.

The king too was happy. He quickly announced the princess wedding with obi.

After the celebration as ended, Obi told them how he was able to escape from the witch.

"The witch took me with her, when we almost got back to her house ad old woman appeared and saved me. She said I have helped her before.

Thats how I was able to escape from the witch.

The second day, the king made Obi the princess husband and announced him as the new king.

He made the second hunter the head of all hunters in the village and the king best servant.

Obi and the princess lived happily but something was still missing.

The the hunter did not know his name, a big problem was happening in four different villages, there were told that some wild beast was killing them in those village, all those villagers ran to spring bond because its the only safe village around.

After finding the cause of the killing they found out it was the fault of some greedy hunters who took some treasure back to their town from a mission they refused to complete after getting the treasure...........


The End....


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